Create an online community for your company, team, group or project. Ditch the messy e-mail threads, and get everyone in synch.

A Braintrust replaces group e-mail threads, traditional mailing lists
and online forums. See how:

Benefits of using Braintrust:

  • Private and Secured Braintrust is exclusive to only the team members you invite.
  • Share ideas and thoughts Everything from the genius that strikes at night to the interesting article you find online.
  • Share files, docs and media Designs, pictures, mockups, documents, videos… any type of file can be shared.
  • Have Focused Discussions We’ve re-imagined forums, so that you have organized and productive discussions.
  • Real-Time conversations Not a typical clunky web-app. Braintrust updates in real-time.
  • E-Mail Digests Even if the whole team isn’t part of a conversation, they are kept in the loop with intelligent email digests.
  • Integrated Credentials Sign in using your GMail, LinkedIn, Twitter, or FB account. You don’t need to remember yet another username and password.

What is Braintrust?

Braintrust is a social collaboration tool. Unlike most collaboration tools that focus strictly on ToDo lists and Milestones, Braintrust focuses on helping you organize and centralize the important conversations within your team. Braintrust fosters an intimate online environment where you and your team can have the conversations that lead to your brilliant ideas, the conversations that propel your business.

We built Braintrust by combining the timeless elements of a traditional discussion forum and innovative features from popular social networks. Braintrust is web-based, real time, hosted in the cloud, completely secured, and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. It easily integrates with your existing e-mail system, doesn’t require any upfront costs, server installations, or ongoing maintenance.

Why use Braintrust?

We know how easy it is to shoot off an e-mail to 5 people in your team, or to schedule a meeting in Outlook. But will it be as effective and organized as a Braintrust conversation?

Braintrust gets you away from messy group e-mails, inefficient conference calls, and effectively connects your team and brings them on the same page. With the real-time nature of Braintrust and along with our amazing e-mail digests, Braintrust fosters and drives forward important conversations in your team in an organized fashion and at a pace that works for everyone.

You can create as many Braintrusts as you like, for each of your teams and even with your customers or suppliers. Braintrusts are self contained, private and secure.

The team use Braintrust to share interesting opinions on bread machines, that they can then collate into their reviews!

Use Braintrust to:

  • Share interesting articles or blogs Link to interesting things and have conversations around it with your team. Who knows? It may spawn your next big idea.
  • Bounce ideas quickly Have a random idea? Get feedback from your entire team by posting it on the Braintrust.
  • Show off your work Share screenshots or snippets of your work easily to get feedback as you go along. Your team will participate at their leisure without having to deal with a stuffed Inbox.
  • Get help making decisions Our discussions sport voting buttons so you can discuss, debate and get consensus around your next big decision.
  • Virtual Brainstorming Start a focused discussion and tap into your Braintrust for their unique ideas around a particular topic. Discussions are kept focused and organized keeping you productive and making it easy to refer back to who-said-what later on.
  • Maximize meeting-time Have your team post information and do basic Q&A on Braintrust BEFORE meetings so actual meeting times are spent on more important issues. Braintrust discussions are printable and portable.
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“Braintrust represents the evolution of real-time technologies”

Real-time services with character limits make it challenging for meaningful communications across a tight group of confidants.

Email is even worse. Discussions scatter. Gathering ideas together to form a consensus almost has to be done on a one-on-one basis. Conference calls can sometimes feel endless without any form of agreement.

AskMyBrain represents the evolution of real-time technologies…It is a service for when you need to collaborate among a small group of people to reach a collective agreement. — Alex W., Writer at ReadWriteWeb and a Community Management Consultant.

“Braintrust captures genius when it happens”

For me, Braintrust is a solution to the complex work environment I face on a daily basis. Having a collaborative online space where I can go to meet with my diverse and talented staff is a life saver.

We are business people, planners, promoters, students, artists, movers and shakers. Since my “office” is actually a living and evolving place that operates around the clock, seven days a week, the chances of us all actually being in the same place at the same time AND feeling exceptionally creative at the same time is minimal.

But Braintrust solves that issue for me by providing a constant opportunity for my department to effectively collaborate at that exact moment genius strikes–whether it’s 9AM on a Monday or 2AM on a Saturday. Braintrust captures genius when it happens. — Lauren G., Director of Marketing for a large outdoor entertainment complex.

“Braintrust is perfect for the edges of a project”

Being a project person, one of the things I firmly believe is that there should be crystal clarity on when a project is an active project versus when it’s become sort of operational.

I think Braintrust is perfect for the edges of a project. It’s a great place to discuss a project before it’s really kicked off and after it’s moved into an operational mode. — Andrew W., Founder of Ideal Project Group

“We really think you’ll like this app. Try Braintrust today.”

Braintrust represents a reimagination of how online conversations should work, how groups of people can communicate effectively. It’s no longer just about project management, its about conversation management.

Give it a free try today and see for yourself. We really think you’ll like this app. — TK, Founder of Braintrust.

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